Create machine learning models in Power BI Service.

The two main questions I hear all the time are “where should I source my data”, and “where should I store my data” for Power BI. The answers depend on the underlying data, and analytical requirements. (Depending on your data sources a variety of PBI storage/connection options are available.)

Using Azure Blueprints allows teams to leverage Code as Infrastructure which become very beneficial in continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) for quick and efficient DevOps.   Azure Blueprints Lifecycle Quick Guide Looking for an overview of Azure Blueprints.  Azure Blueprints Quick Guide Overview  

A quick overview guide to Azure Blueprints.  The below document is helpful in communicating the purpose, components, and steps of Azure Blueprints.  It describes the Blueprint artifacts Resource Group, Azure Resource Manager Template, Policy Assignment, Role Assignment. Azure Blueprints Overview

Quick guide on Azure Diagnostic Logs.  Azure Monitor Diagnostic Logs are generated by Azure services to provide frequent, and verbose data regarding the operations for both compute and non-compute services. Azure Diagnostic Logs Quick Guide