Power BI Key Influencers

The Key Influencers visual in Power BI is designed to assist analysts in gaining a deeper understanding of the driving factors in their data.  The key requirement is needing to analyze categorical data.  Categorical data is usually a limited number of values in a column, or an entity.  Top Segments is also a tab with in the visual that combine metrics that influence the key metric.  In the back end Power BI is leveraging the ML.Net platform and using logistic regression algorithm for Key Influencers, and decision tree algorithm for Top Segments.  I used Microsoft’s test data while testing, and thought it performed well.  I look forward to trying the visual soon at a client site.

Power BI AI Key Influencers

Published by McNeely DW BI

Ross McNeely is a Tail Wind Principal Consultant in Data Management, and the Practice Manager of Business Intelligence. He works with external vendors, customers, and partners to integrate disperse data sources. Throughout most of his 15-year career he has been specializing in Information Management, and implementing solutions for Information Strategy, Information Asset Management, Enterprise Data Management, and Business Intelligence.

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